Mooring & Berthing

Most of our members boats are moored just off the Strand or off the Dockyard wall where the club administers designated mooring areas. These are accessed by dinghy from the slipway at the Strand.

The moorings can be supplied and laid either by the club member themselves, by the MPA (Medway Ports Authority) or by one of the commercial businesses on the river. The allocation and administration of mooring positions is the direct responsibility of the club’s mooring master.

The club owns two mooring boats, equipped to lay and service members own moorings which are available via a booking process.

Whatever method is chosen it must be appreciated that the mooring remains the responsibility of the member and will require inspection and maintenance every year.

The club’s mooring master will provide advice and information on the size and type of materials, the likely replacements required and availability of spare or vacated positions and tackle for sale.

Mooring Position Fee: All mooring positions are £125.00 per Annum

Note: The fee is for the position only and not for the mooring tackle – laying and checking is the responsibility of the member.

MPA Conservancy Charge, Boats over 5.1 Metres: £93.18 inc VAT

During the winter most boats are either hauled out or laid up in a mud berth. Space for either is limited and application must be made to the Berthing Master.

Each boat to be hauled out has to have its own strong trolley. These trolleys are usually made from old lorry wheels and axles. The club’s Berthing Master will provide information on construction and availability of trolleys for sale.

There are three slipways, two winches and a tractor. Use of the slipways, winches and tractor must be pre-booked as only trained club members are insured to use this machinery. A jet wash is also available to clean off.

It is often very busy and you will be required to help and co-operate with other members to make this a successful operation.

Berthing Fees

Hauled out berths Area x £9.50 per m2
Beach Berths Area x £6.50 per m2
East Beach Area x £8.00 per m2
Lighters Area x £6.00 per m2
Covered Accommodation Area x £1.00 per m2 per week
Large Dinghies over10ft and up to 16ft £75.00 per annum
Small Dinghies up to and including 10ft £55 per annum
Dry Dock £20.00 per week

Note: Inflatable boats will incur berthing charges if stored on Club premises.

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